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We will see some lines that will begin with kernel, initrd, boot, etc.We will choose the root line and we will press 'e' key again. Let's remember that these are volatile changes, next time we will reboot this root option will not be there and you will have to re-enter them (if you want it back again, of course ; ) ).Now we will edit the presented partition value to meet our needs. If you need to change Linux Kernel Boot parametres, because, for example Linux root device is not the same one please check: Linux Kernel Boot Parametres Howto When you move a partition or, I do not know, your disk has been recognised as the second one but it was the first one you will need to edit each one of the root (hd X, Y) lines of your menu.You can avoid this step by finding this line: After running update-grub all the root entries will be update automatically.

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There are eight disk drives in each Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-8 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-8.This section contains following topics: The disk drives in each database server are controlled by an LSI Mega RAID SAS 9261-8i or 9361-8i disk controller. There are four disk drives in each Oracle Exadata Database Machine X6-2, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-2, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 database server.There are seven drives in each Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-8 Full Rack database server.Super Grub Disk is not perfect and sometimes you must edit your so that your system can finally boot.It might be because you changed a hard disk, because you moved a partition, because there was a strange kernel update, because you have various distributions together.Thanks to Virtual Box and the Android-x86 project, we now have unfettered access to the latest treats from Google’s assorted code bakery.