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The modern pencil was born in 16th-century England, where, in Cumbria, a major deposit of graphite was found.

Today, a pencil museum in Keswick honors the site, the cottage pencil industry that followed, and the area’s claim to fame as the place where the first pencil factory was founded in 1832. A strip of solid graphite would be cut to fit into a groove that had been channeled out of a piece of wood.

This was not only a breakthrough in production, it also allowed pencil makers to vary the quality of the mark made by the rod—the greater the percentage of graphite to clay, the softer the rod and the darker the mark. Gio definitely doesn't come off as a serious journalist. When I see a gay face with a gym body, instant turnoff. I also think gym obsessed work out bodies are gay also. Ok so you have abs, can you throw a football, can you catch a baseball in a glove. Gym does not equal masculine, you fags can have him."If someone said Channing Tatum was on Grindr, you would say "bullshit"... I wonder what David Muir has to say about Gio's picture taking indiscretion. He's serious about his brand and will not be caught out there with some random hoes. Again, tell me who you hang with, I'll tell you what you are... Can a gay guy just bring his same roommate along everywhere he moves? I have no proof they're bfs, but it DEF warrants looking into... Miami is probably the most top heavy city in the US, most Caribbean dudes are discrete and masculine, topping exclusively. I don't know, just something about him that screams out "issues" to me (as in the sexual variety). He's not gorgeous but certainly attractive with a great body and he's got a great job/money coming in along with youth. My only problem is the guys we've uncovered in this thread as his possible bottom bitch fuckmates are mostly not hot. Gio sighting: Sunday, Feb 15 at 91st and 2nd Ave on the UES, dressed in a black jacket, holding a protein shaker kind of implement, YAPPING on the phone and walking eastbound... If he lives in Midtown at Trump Place, what was he doing that far uptown? I'm the one who said I saw Gio at the corner of 91st and 2nd, walking eastbound, a couple of weeks ago... Someone walks in and starts speaking Spanish to the Mexican help... Gaybros You can find them at score or twist or David Barton or equinox. The guy I know is a bottom from what I know, so I'm guessing gio is a topso they don't have profiles on gay meeting/dating sites but they'll spend their nights hanging together as if it's not obvious? ABC seems to be putting Gio on the consumer beat -- having him report on cell phone plans, getting broken cell phones repaired, exposing car repair scams, etc. Not from my experience biggest dick I've ever seen was a Cuban guys. So, I'm checking out GRINDR and I see the torso of a bottom asking for "tops with some meat"... ;) You got to catch him in the right light in the right angle LMFAO, I'll fuck anything once LOL sorry not sorry; I just dont like the kid so you vultures can peck around. Proof positive someone alerted Gio that his semi-closeted ass was being fully outed. I know it's not clear that someone's trying to impersonate two different people, but something begins to smell fishy here... He shoulda known that saying he's a bottom looking for "tops with some meat" on GRINDR, and then linking to his IG containing pics of a Z-list celebrity, was going to lead to some good (probably substantiated) gossip... Next this guy will write to Datalounge threatening legal action: We've been through this before bitch... I've always been a fan of his hairy Lebanese chest. To the other sleuths on this thread: What's the name of this doctor? Why doesn't he report about how Obama sanctioned torture of innocent people? Posting shirtless photos on Instagram and letting Ginger Zee put lip gloss on you on GMA are not things serious journalists do. And he should be in OUT or Advocated with his workout tips, and low key come out like his lesbian co anchor Robin Roberts R74. Gio is a white Cuban and he propably does overcompensate. These closetcases or semi-closetcases should really fucken look at who they hang with... It gets to a point where outing himself is an exercise in futility... User INstagram This guy has been fucked by Gio and Rodineysantiago plenty of times. Belongs to every gym in south beach and loves to make new gym bros! Please just note that r128 and r129 are the same poster according to Trolldar... And it's very "bro-ey" for a "bro-ey" guy to don a Peter Pan outfit... Some people may flame, you're an arson in progress... R187 I am usually as bitchy as you are, if not more, but the doctor is a hottie... So, being hot, he probably thinks "tacky" is a label that couldn't apply to him.As the production of wooden pencils evolved, a new type of pencil was introduced in 1822.